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Google+ And Youtube. Making sense of the merge between Google Plus and YouTube. Learn about YouTube comments, profiles, pages, managing multiple youtube channels and more. Here’s the support link I referenced in the video

Make Money With Email Marketing. Email Marketing: How To Make Money With Email Without Spamming Your Customers

Fiona Lewis interviews Kurt Johansen the email marketing king. He shares his secretes on how to get started with email marketing, what not to do and how to generate results with your database.

Sydney Business Month hosts September Small Business Month with 120 live streaming business TV Shows with leading business experts, business leaders and successful CEO’s

Send 10,000 Emails to my Targeted Opt-In List for $15

Ranking Factors On Bing Search Engine. Bing has been in the news a lot, recently, and this time it’s for the study that Searchmetrics released about Bing’s search engine ranking factors. Like Moz’s search engine ranking factors study, this study looks at the many characteristics that are correlated with high page rankings for search queries. Watch today’s Daily Brown Bag to learn more about Searchmetrics’ search engine ranking factors study on Bing, and if it makes any difference in your SEO strategy.

Convert your Social Media.  Social media is similar to search engine optimization in the fact that you don’t actually own your tribe or community built up on social media, in the same way that you don’t own your search rankings on Google. At any instant, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest can tell you that they are shutting down your page or that you have lost control of it. I have actually seen this happen before. Thank goodness this hasn’t happened to any of my pages! Similarly, Google can remove your search engine rankings in the blink of an eye.

This ties in with what I talk about in this video where I share how to convert your fans and followers on your social media channels into potential leads. Moreover how to further strengthen this relationship and to avoid having Facebook or Twitter shut down your page and losing your tribe of fans in a heartbeat!

Matt Cutts keynote speech at PubCon 2013, talking about Hummingbird and Google SEO for the future.

Let us show you how easy it is to track with Our simple Wizard will get you tracking Links or Banners in seconds! Tracking made Simple. Tracking made Fun!

List Hoopla is a Viral membership system that allows members to sign up for multiple safelists under your own affiliate ID!

When you join List Hoopla, you will get a weekly update with the top performing safelists of the week. Testing is based on the number of people mailed and how responsive they were to the messages they received.

You will have the opportunity to enter your referral IDs for those safelists…the top 7 for free members or the top 21 for paid members. If you’re not a member of the safelists posted, you can join through the links provided. Check It OUT NOW

The neat part is that you can stop promoting individual safelists and just promote your List Hoopla referral ID. Then when people sign up under you they will see YOUR referral IDs and sign up under you for a variety of safelists.

This can bring you a good deal of passive income from recurring safelist paid subscriptions and from the fact that the listings change every week and new ones go straight to the top for a period of time!

Click the link to join for free today. Please consider the One Time Offer for upgraded membership!

Does it make sense to use rel=”nofollow” for internal links? Like, for example, to link to your login page? Does it really make a difference?

Direct CPV the best and cheapest traffic you can find online.
Start with a $25 dollar deposit in account and be sure to limit your targets, be specific in what type of traffic you want.
This works!!

First: CPV stands for cost-per-view, a type of ad campaign that is usually used with pop-ups, pop-unders and interstitial advertisements. Advertisers only have to pay when their ad window appears on a user’s browser. This allows for a more high impact advertising campaign.
Second: To increase the chance of revenue from your advertisements it is important to target specific keywords, URLs, countries and channels. At DirectCPV, we offer tools that suggest keywords and URLs to compliment and direct your ad campaign. It is also helpful to spend some time on search engines to understand the audience your advertisement is targeting

Check it out NOW

Begginers Guide To A Custom WordPress Website

Host Gator Hosting For 1cent

Topics covered in this video include:

-Setting up website hosting and a domain name with HostGator
-Installing WordPress
-Switching to a different WordPress theme
-Customizing your website with free textured backgrounds
-Creating pages and using the visual editor
-Finding free, high quality stock photos
-Using a free online photo editor called Pixlr to make custom header images   and to re-size images
-Installing a photo gallery and contact form plugin
-Adding and taking away widgets to and from the sidebar
-Setting up a front page layout
-Finding and using free icons
-Basic WordPress settings and more!

Host gator

Setup Utube Advertising Campaign, TrueView and In Display advertising is a great way to promote your services and products on YouTube as a video marketer, but the AdWords for Video can be a bit intimidating if you don’t know how to use it.

We sat down with Ryan Noel, an AdWords Certified Paid Media Specialist with BLASTmedia, who walked us through the entire process of creating, setting up, and launching an AdWords for Video campaign along with a lot of secret tips and tricks that make them effective.

Backlinking Is It Dead? Google updated it’s link schemes document this week. It looks like backlinking is dead.

Bring The Fresh is a Training program that will show you how to make money online as a clickbank affiliate. Kelly Felix is the Founder of Bring The Fresh online money-making training program. I bought bring the fresh exactly 4 weeks ago and I am impressed about this training program. So I think why not write An Honest Bring The Fresh Review.

It’s a complete online money-making training program That you need if you’re new to internet marketing. Inside Bring The Fresh you will get 10 or more Training Video. These video is step by step video and update regularly. These videos are really great. You will also get 50 pages eBook and then you will get instant access to Bring The Fresh VIP Forum.

If you are completely newbie on online marketing then I strongly recommend This For You otherwise if you are an experienced about online marketing then it may be boring. Inside This Online Marketing Training Program I got 50% of training that I already know and 50% that I don’t know. But I already told that if you are completely newbie then it’s perfect for you.

Currently i am using my own online marketing methods but honestly I learn lots from Bring The Fresh. One of my friend using their Method and he told me that it’s Great

Check It Out Now Bring The Fresh

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Matt Cutts on WordPress SEO, The irrepressible Matt Cutts from Google showcases the good and the bad of WordPress as seen through the eyes of Google

This is a video from 2009 but most of what Matt goes over is still valid.

Should I Link All My Domains Together, Should a web site owner with 20 domain names link it all together or not, and if he links it should he add nofollow to the links not to pass PageRank?