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New Google Sniper For 2015. Completely redone for 2015 works better than ever.
Google Sniper

You Should be using Pinterest for you Business.

In this video we explain how you can quickly find broken links in WordPress.

Visit for more info. Twitter marketing is a great social media tool for reaching out to new and existing customers. In this video, I share some techniques on how to leverage Twitter to build your business. The mindset behind using Twitter to market your business is different to Facebook marketing in that content curation plays a big role in your niche. Moreover, a vital key is also forming relationships with your followers on Twitter who then become brand advocates for your business.

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SEO For 2014, what is going on with Search Engine Optimization for 2014 and beyond. And what do small business owners need to focus on to stay ahead of the game?

Don’t Lose Your Clicks. Do you ever get stuck writing a blog post, email copy or video script? Ever wonder what’s the best way to frame what you’re trying to say?

In this video, I reveal how changing just one single word in the subject line of my email copy made a HUGE difference and scored me more click throughs to my website. Watch this video so you can take advantage of this simple tip too.

Ranking Factors On Bing Search Engine. Bing has been in the news a lot, recently, and this time it’s for the study that Searchmetrics released about Bing’s search engine ranking factors. Like Moz’s search engine ranking factors study, this study looks at the many characteristics that are correlated with high page rankings for search queries. Watch today’s Daily Brown Bag to learn more about Searchmetrics’ search engine ranking factors study on Bing, and if it makes any difference in your SEO strategy.

Let us show you how easy it is to track with Our simple Wizard will get you tracking Links or Banners in seconds! Tracking made Simple. Tracking made Fun!

List Hoopla is a Viral membership system that allows members to sign up for multiple safelists under your own affiliate ID!

When you join List Hoopla, you will get a weekly update with the top performing safelists of the week. Testing is based on the number of people mailed and how responsive they were to the messages they received.

You will have the opportunity to enter your referral IDs for those safelists…the top 7 for free members or the top 21 for paid members. If you’re not a member of the safelists posted, you can join through the links provided. Check It OUT NOW

The neat part is that you can stop promoting individual safelists and just promote your List Hoopla referral ID. Then when people sign up under you they will see YOUR referral IDs and sign up under you for a variety of safelists.

This can bring you a good deal of passive income from recurring safelist paid subscriptions and from the fact that the listings change every week and new ones go straight to the top for a period of time!

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Direct CPV the best and cheapest traffic you can find online.
Start with a $25 dollar deposit in account and be sure to limit your targets, be specific in what type of traffic you want.
This works!!

First: CPV stands for cost-per-view, a type of ad campaign that is usually used with pop-ups, pop-unders and interstitial advertisements. Advertisers only have to pay when their ad window appears on a user’s browser. This allows for a more high impact advertising campaign.
Second: To increase the chance of revenue from your advertisements it is important to target specific keywords, URLs, countries and channels. At DirectCPV, we offer tools that suggest keywords and URLs to compliment and direct your ad campaign. It is also helpful to spend some time on search engines to understand the audience your advertisement is targeting

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2013 SEO Help Video Bigger Sites RANK Better – Google Leaks, Disavow tips, Bigger sites RANK better.

Increase traffic With Reddit. In this video I show you how to use Reddit to increase traffic and exposure to your website, blog and book sales page.  Sign up for a free account at and start sharing.  Just make sure that you aren’t too overly promotional and make sure to add value by the content you are sharing.

Learn how to optimize your pins on Pinterest for SEO and for growing your followers.

Bing Places For More Customer Traffic, Did you know you can use Bing to grow your online presence so local customers can find you easily? In this Insider Minute, learn how to claim your business listing with Bing Places for Business.

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