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New Google Sniper For 2015. Completely redone for 2015 works better than ever.
Google Sniper

Keep yourself safe while using social media.

Simple $4.99 Automated Website Generates Monthly Residual Commissions Direct to Your Account! You can now send a support request to be added to the team rotator once your all setup. The $5 Wonder

Read the full SEO strategy case study here: Are you looking for an SEO strategy that gets results? Then you’ll love this vi…

In this video we explain how you can quickly find broken links in WordPress.

How Google Search Works, See the How Search Works site here:

SEO For 2014, what is going on with Search Engine Optimization for 2014 and beyond. And what do small business owners need to focus on to stay ahead of the game?

Google Page Rank Dropped, The only reason you even care about Page Rank is because you think it affects your search traffic. Am I right or wrong?
Why else would you care if you have a page rank 1 or page rank 6 site?
Watch the video and I’ll show you why Page Rank is obsolete. What you need to be concentrating on now is your Authority Rank.

Google Universal Analytics Explained. Join Developer Programs Engineer Andrew Wales and Product Manager Nick Mihailovski as they discuss how to upgrade to Universal Analytics and share answers to commonly asked questions.

Upgrade center:
Google Moderator:

Google+ And Youtube. Making sense of the merge between Google Plus and YouTube. Learn about YouTube comments, profiles, pages, managing multiple youtube channels and more. Here’s the support link I referenced in the video

Ranking Factors On Bing Search Engine. Bing has been in the news a lot, recently, and this time it’s for the study that Searchmetrics released about Bing’s search engine ranking factors. Like Moz’s search engine ranking factors study, this study looks at the many characteristics that are correlated with high page rankings for search queries. Watch today’s Daily Brown Bag to learn more about Searchmetrics’ search engine ranking factors study on Bing, and if it makes any difference in your SEO strategy.

Matt Cutts keynote speech at PubCon 2013, talking about Hummingbird and Google SEO for the future.

Does it make sense to use rel=”nofollow” for internal links? Like, for example, to link to your login page? Does it really make a difference?

Direct CPV the best and cheapest traffic you can find online.
Start with a $25 dollar deposit in account and be sure to limit your targets, be specific in what type of traffic you want.
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First: CPV stands for cost-per-view, a type of ad campaign that is usually used with pop-ups, pop-unders and interstitial advertisements. Advertisers only have to pay when their ad window appears on a user’s browser. This allows for a more high impact advertising campaign.
Second: To increase the chance of revenue from your advertisements it is important to target specific keywords, URLs, countries and channels. At DirectCPV, we offer tools that suggest keywords and URLs to compliment and direct your ad campaign. It is also helpful to spend some time on search engines to understand the audience your advertisement is targeting

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Setup Utube Advertising Campaign, TrueView and In Display advertising is a great way to promote your services and products on YouTube as a video marketer, but the AdWords for Video can be a bit intimidating if you don’t know how to use it.

We sat down with Ryan Noel, an AdWords Certified Paid Media Specialist with BLASTmedia, who walked us through the entire process of creating, setting up, and launching an AdWords for Video campaign along with a lot of secret tips and tricks that make them effective.